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ISKA Team USA Headquarters 

Vicious Elite is proud to call our Coach Hoss Coates the USA ISKA Director of Ring/Mat Sports and the  Team USA Head Coach! This great honor was granted in late September of 2022 after his dedication and determination to grow matt sports in the USA was realized to be above and beyond most others. Not only is Coach Hoss willing to travel the country to recruit for Team USA, he is also willing to travel the world for competitions at the highest of levels. 

Originally founded as the International Sport Karate Association when the birth of kickboxing in America grew out of “Full-Contact Karate,” ISKA is now also recognized globally as the International Sport Kickboxing Association. Since 1986 ISKA has set an unprecedented standard for professionalism and integrity while servings as the world’s most well recognized sanctioning and regulatory body for combat sports and competitive martial arts. ISKA maintains a continued commitment to training and certifying officials and updating rules and regulations while recognizing both worthy champions and world-rated contenders in more than twenty different types of martial arts and combat sports.

The height that the ISKA has attained continues to reflect its basic commitment to credibility and uncompromising integrity. The sports’ future will rely on that commitment in cooperation with the industry’s many talented martial arts / combat sports athletes and the ever-growing foundation of dedicated fans around the world. ISKA Team USA is expanding as well, with new Team Members and Coaches being introduced. Below, you can see the staff and team members that help make ISKA Team USA a possibility! If you are interested in joining ISKA Team USA or learning more about us, feel free to use the contact form at the bottom of the page! 

Cory Schafer

ISKA World President

ISKA Team USA is honored to work closely with ISKA World President Cory Schafer to transform Ring and Mat sports in the United States. We are honored to have such a dedicated and driven director who goes above and beyond his call of duty to provide for the organization. 

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Hoss Coates

USA Director of Ring/Mat Sports and Team USA Head Coach

The experience and knowledge Hoss, or Coach, possesses can change a the journey a fighter will take. With relentless pursuit to discover the best methods and skills for everything from striking to weight lifting, Coach goes above and beyond to provide for his team.

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Meet the Coaches

ISKA Team USA is comprised of coaches from all over America. We are proud to feature coaches with a variety of experience, knowledge, and technique. All of our coaches have one thing in common, their dedication to ISKA Team USA and our mission to reshape combat sports.

Meet the Staff

Victoria Cramp, MBA

Director of Marketing and Coordination

With an B.S. in Marketing with Minors in Accounting and Communication Studies and a Masters in Business Administration, paired with being a fighter herself, Victoria is an asset to helping keep Team USA organized and promoted while understanding the needs of our athletes.

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Meet the Team

ISKA Team USA is comprised of individuals from across the United States. We are proudly expanding our Team Selection and are currently recruiting for the 2023 World Championship Competition this Fall.


Learn more about ISKA Team USA

Are you interested in joining our team, coaching staff, or just wanting to learn more?

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