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Meet the Coaches

Vicious Elite Training Staff


"Hoss" Coates

Head Coach, Founder & CEO

Head Coach and CEO, the experience and knowledge Hoss, or Coach, possesses can change a fighters life. With relentless pursuit to discover the best methods and skills for everything from striking to weight lifting, Coach goes above and beyond to provide for his team. His mission is community and unity, to bring something to this area that has never been seen, and to make the community one.

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Colton Coates

Team Manager/Security

The most humble and honorable element of our team, Colton. He shows nothing but love and support for everyone on the team in everything that they do. A true warrior, the motivation behind our journey, the man himself. Vicious Elite wouldn't be what it is today without you Buddy, thank you for being our #1.


Tracey Greene


If you've ever watched one of the fights live via Facebook, you have Tracey to thank for that! A vital part of the behind the scene action at Vicious Elite, she helps keep Coach grounded, makes sure our finances are in order, and makes sure she shows us all love every time she lights up the gym. You may also recognize her as a Womens Cardio Class member!

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Bill Taylor


I started coaching with the intent of changing as many young lives in a positive way as I possibly can in the short time I walk this earth. If I can be a part of the process that saves just one then I have reached my mission objective. Vicious Elite is more than a family or a fight team. It is a way of life and daily I am humbled to be a part of it.


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